Open Letter to Ohinoyi: Using Other Tribes Chieftaincy Title is a Sign of Inferiority.

How The Yorubas Lost The Ilorin Throne To The Fulanis

This is an open letter directed to Ohinoyi of Ebiraland, Taarus and all Ebira Chiefs, I will keep this article as simple as I can, so that people will not misquote or misunderstand the article and take it as something else, I don’t really care though, anyone has the liberty to think whatever they want.

Let’s take it back to when Prince Ataba was given ‘CIROMA’ chieftaincy title, ok? The first thought that came into many Anebiras mind was, the meaning of this title, everyone is calling CIROMA but we don’t really know the meaning. Till date I still don’t know the meaning because it’s a Hausa calling in Ebira Chieftaincy given to Anebira and not a Hausa person. How inferior can we again look in the face of Hausa people? It’s a very big and heavy blow to Ebira Culture and Tradition.

I had an encounter with an Association called Ebira Saka International (All Ebira People around the Globe). Instead of writing Saka as in ‘ALL’ in Ebira language, it was written in this manner “Sa’Ka”, when I asked why it is written this way, I was given an excuse that people will think it is Saka as in name of a person.

My question was, is Saka as a name of person an Ebira name? NO, it isn’t. Then why should we downgrade Ebira Language for another language because we are trying to prove a point to some people? How ridicule can Ebira Language be?
The fearful thing is, not people from other tribes that are dragging Ebira in the Mud, but we the real Anebiras. Tomorrow everyone will be shouting ‘Proudly Anebira, Anebira Oboro etc.’

We all claiming to be wise but it seems like we Anebiras are living in bondage, as we don’t know which culture and tradition is ours again. The things Ebira People has left in terms of culture and tradition is.

  1. Ita Inochi (It’inochi) ita Okueta to be precise
  2. Eche Ane (Ech’ane)
  3. Eche Ori (Ech’Ori)
  4. Ekuechi

When all this are to be used or celebrated people that will be on sit to grace the day are people with chieftaincy from Hausa Language? This is really bad for tribe like Ebira.

If we are to copy Hausa people in terms of Chieftaincy Titles, why can’t it be just the direct translation of the title instead? I’m sure everything in Hausa Language has its meaning in Ebira Language.
Your highness sir, permit me to ask a very simple question here please, I am not challenging your authority but to set the record straight as a good Ebira Man that wants the best for his Culture and Tradition, and as Anebira that hates to see Ebira Language go into exile.

Is Ciroma, Turaki, Talba, Dan’iya Ebira Chieftancy title or Hausa?

I urge you sir to re arrange the crowning of all the chiefs given these Hausa Chieftaincy titles and translate their titles into Ebira Language. For it is a sign of inferiority and kind of look like we are enslaved by Hausa people.

There is Ebira Adage that says “Ita Ozi Oweyi omage, Oozoku, Ama, Ire Oiye Ozi Oweyi Ozuge Oozoku” I am not worthy of given you an advice sir.

Tao Anidayi Anebira drop your comments below and share this post with friend’s thanks for reading.

Yakubu Binuyaminu
Yakubu Binuyaminu is a Travel Blogger, Website and Mobile App Developer He is One OF The Founder Of Ebiraland Media. Whatsapp +2347033004080

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  1. Nice write up man i just wish the King can make amends and stop dragging Ebira Culture and Traditions in the mud…

    All na because of money oh

  2. Nice write up Bro. Not that I’m against the titles but what are the meaning. This is an innovation let us know what’s the meaning and their function in ebira land.

  3. Exactly what I felt in my mind and I am sure many Anebira have the same feelings. I hope HRM will heed to this wise advice.


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