Top 20 Most Popular People in Ebiraland throughout History (2020 Edition)

Top 20 Most Popular People in Ebiraland throughout History 2020 Edition
  1. Late Alhaji Ibrahim Onoruoiza Atta (The first Paramount King in Ebiraland)
  2. Late Alhaji Sanni Omolori (Second Paramount King in Ebiraland)
  3. HRM Alhaji Addo Ibrahim (Ohinoyi of Ebiraland)
  4. Late Diyo Ozi Niger
  5. Late AT Ahmed
  6. Late Seidat Balikis Inyass
  7. Late Sheikh Muhammad Aminu
  8. Bar. Natasha Hadiza Akpoti
  9. Gov. Yahaya Adoza Bello
  10. Sheikh Luqman
  11. Prince Ataba Omolori
  12. Salawu Ofelele
  13. Late Onyieche Idris
  14. Late Prince Adamu Atta (First Executive Governor of Kwara State)
  15. Obege
  16. Yusuf (Sementy)
  17. Sheikh Ahmad Rufai
  18. Edward Jatto (Jatto FM)
  19. Hon. Mario Calabash
  20. Ohunene

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  1. You guys most be out your little minds. Most of the the people mentioned here are not known beyond their locality. Where are the names of the greatest Ebira man to ever lived, Sheikh Abdulmalik Atta? Worth mentioning is also Abdulaziz Atta. What has the other small names done to make Ebira proud? If you have to include entertainers, where is Danga o Ajagu?

  2. Alh. Adeku Okengwe
    Late Osime (wizard of the first order)
    Fregene oziopata
    Busy Adeku Ojiahe Imorimo
    Late Adeika Ireyi of Obangede
    Late Obobanyi of Emani Ihima
    Alhaji Amodu senior singer of Okaito
    Raji Ojiahe Evara

  3. I imagine who compiled this list, where are the likes of adayi echimire custodian ogugureba, adayi ajagu custodian of achiwuru, adayi danga custodian of okevere and many more

  4. And also general Dan ozizi,Ali omuya kuroko(Adebira asuku),Ojatuho kuroko(arijenu obanyi kuroko),Ajagu,Osime

  5. What About AbdulmalOhikere
    Raji Abdallah
    Imam Musa Abdullah Galadima
    Judge Eru Ohikere
    Alhaji Ahmad Badamasy
    Alhaji Usman Abatemi
    Grand Khadi Ustaz Yunus Abdullah


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