Enya Ohu Anebira

Funeral Rites in Ebiraland

Funeral Rites in Ebiraland - In Ebiraland we have two realms of human life… We have "Ehe" : the domain...

50 Ebira Words and Meaning (Ebira Dictionary) Vol.1

Ebira Dictionary And Ebira Words Traslated To English.

Alphabets in Ebira Language (With Ebira Word Examples)

Alphabets in Ebira Language
A, B, CH, D, E, Ẹ, G, I, H, J, K, M, N, NGW, NYH, O, Ọ, P, R, S, Ṣ, T, U, V, W, Y, Z

Music Album: Pyper X – Coup De Grace (Download Full Album)

Pyper X - Coup De Grace - Panda City Entertainment presents one of their finest Musical Artist's (Pyper X) new Extended Play Album he titled Coupe De Grace.

Top 7 Ebira Musical Instruments (ENYA AHE).

Ebira Musical Instruments: In Ebira language, When a word is said you don't need to overstress yourself before you know...

Music & Video: Jahffaru – Eneyiamire (Ebira Music)

Jahffaru (St Jeff) just released his official video for Eneyiamire, narrating how he started his music career to download this...
Ebira Mothers

Joke: Ebira Mothers And The Beauty Of Their Slaps In Child Upbringing.

Ebira Mothers (Ebira Women) are the best when it comes to child upbringing. Ebira Mothers produce the best range of...
Enya Ohu Anebira

Ebira Carnival — Should It be Celebrated or Not

What is Ebira Carnival All About? “Ebira Carnival is an event celebrated out of pleasure (i.e. when the pressing needs of...

Music: Is Done – Come Collect

Is Done is a talented and a gifted musician from Kogi State Nigeria, he just released one of the most...

5 Top Reasons To Date and Marry Ebira Woman – by Binoosmart.

Ebira Women are created of brown sugar and warm honey, the sweetest thing to bless the earth. Be wary of...

Music: Whinny – My Dream

Whinny - My Dream - My Dream is a song by Whinny, an R&B song from the soul number 1...